Global Business Intelligence

As a leading company in the big data field in China, GBICC was established in 2002. It is committed to providing corporate customers with big data strategic consultation and application services including BI, risk management, CRM, XBRL and ESB. Its business covers many industries, such as banking, securities, funds, insurance, future goods, taxation, networks, telecommunication, medicine and manufacturing etc.

Dr. Liu Shiping, founder of GBICC, is one of the earliest top returnee experts to work on big data in China. He is a professor at the Graduate of School of Chinese Academy of Sciences, the chief scientist and deputy director of the Research Center of Finance Science & Technology of CAS, a talent from the “1000-Talent Program” and Beijing distinguished expert. Dr. Liu acted as head of IMB Global Banking Data Mining Consultation Group and chief BI consultant of IMB Global Services. He has published dozens of essays about New Basel Accord, XBRL, and development and application of BI. Furthermore, he has provided consultation services for more than 100 global large enterprises. Dr. Liu owns many patents on financial data mining. He has made contributions to the composition of nine national standards by the Ministry of Finance and China Securities Regulatory Commission.