Beijing Kuyun Interactive

Kuyun Interactive is the largest family Internet service platform in China. Kuyun provides three core services for the living room ecosphere: big data, advertisement and internet services. It has more than 100 issued technical patents. Recently, Kuyun formed new data applications by combining massive data collected from its more than100 millions of end-user data with the E-business data from the Alibaba Group.

Kuyun Interactive’s subsidiary “TENFEN TECHNOLOGY” is engaged in the platform construction, integration and publishing of digital content for China’s digital publishing industry. It aims to provide users with more valuable mobile reading services. Kuyun has established good strategic relationships with three major Chinese operators, leading publishing groups and mobile game launching platforms. It is one of the digital publishing enterprises authorized and supported by the State Administration of Press, Publication, Radio, Film and Television.

In 2013, Kuyun Interactive was ranked third in the national finals of the 2nd National Innovative and Entrepreneurial Competitions. In 2015, it was granted the Jinyuan Award and the Best TV Advertisement Shooting Award in China’s Advertisers Summit