TV Mining Media Technology

TVM was founded in 2008. It is a global leading technology enterprise that specializes in TV, big data, cloud computing, and new media. It runs the world’s largest base of cloud computing in television broadcasting. This enables it to provide efficient and convenient new media video products and services. It is also the only high-tech company that has achieved mass TV content search, efficient storage, management, distribution and reuse in China. TMT offers professional services and integrated solutions for fields like broadcast and TV-related new media, internet TV, and education informatization. The company has established a joint venture with the Guoguang Eastern Network (Beijing) Co., Ltd. of CRI who issues the internet-TV business license in China.

TV Mining has 1,200 issued patents, 300 software copyrights and more than 100 honor certificates. Moreover, it has been granted several titles, such as the Preferential Development Enterprise in the “Gazelle Program,” along with the “ZhongGuanCun Important IPR Demonstration Enterprise” and “National Type 530A Enterprise.” Recently, it won the Most Innovative Use of Digital Award of2015 by PromaxBDA Asia.

Wu Xin, founder and president of TVM, graduated from the University of Cambridge, and was selected to be in the “1000-Talent Program” by Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee. He used to be the chief representative of Autonomy in China, and the CEO and co-founder of