Long Credit Data Co., Ltd.

Long Credit is a representative company in the big data field and a top brand that conducts industrial and commercial data analysis in China. Li Yu acts as founder and president of Long Credit. His data-based research results have provided important think-tank consulting advice for decision-making and political administration of the central Chinese government.

Long Credit has grown into a group holding company with 8 subsidiaries, and has established a preliminary big data industrial ecosystem that includes finance, energy, agriculture, urbanization, government supervision, taxation, investment, and mobile internet. Its financial subsidiary, China DaaS Company, is in the waiting list of the National Equities Exchange and Quotations (NEEQ).

Long Credit has extensive and unique data resources. It has cooperated with Chinese government (Ministry of Finance, Taxation and National Bureau of Statistics etc.), Alibaba, Tencent, JD, and most of China’s banks, including the People’s Bank of China. Presently, it possesses over 85% of the market share in the segment of domestic banks.

Long Credit, together with the National School of Development, established the Langrun Long Credit innovation index which an important index for China’s regional innovation and economic environment monitoring. Long Credit, together with government and universities, founded the Jing-Jin-Ji, Yangtze River Economic Zone and Guizhou region Big Data Research Center and Platform.