Shanghai 3DBiopharm Biotech Co. Ltd.

3DBiopharm is an innovative leader in the precision medicine field in China. The company is dedicated to digging into the big data on tumor-afflicted patients with systematic biological methods. 3DBiopharm is a platform company covering the process of precision-care in its entirety, including prevention, diagnosis, research, and development of drugs and treatment. The company is a rare investment target in China’s market.

The company’s precision medicine products are found among front-line clinical products in terms of market penetration. China's Women's Development Foundation and the National Foundation for Cancer Research have recognized the precision prevention product, as an exclusive brand for female cancer prevention and treatment.

The company boasts a number of domestic first-class assets, including precision care technologies, business teams, algorithms, databases, and the world’s largest cancer cell strain and PDX accumulated library, all of which have established strong first-mover advantages and technical barriers. Dr. John GONG, CEO of 3DBiopharm, acted as an FDA reviewer of new drugs before joining the company. Key team members all come from global top universities and research centers.