Beijing G-Wearables Information Technology Co., Ltd.

G-Wearables is a high-tech enterprise specialized in researching and developing products related to VR, AR and wearable devices. It is committed to giving guidance for future information interactions. It leads the global small-wearable-electronic-product market, and operates competitive VR solution platform in China.

The core technical team is composed of doctors who graduated from the world’s top universities and of engineers who have extensive experience in developing and manufacturing VR/AR and other electronic products. The operation team members have successful experience in volume production sales, and have worked in the world’s top 500 enterprises, such as Philip, SONY, and Huawei.

G-Wearables has released its intelligent sport assistant Goccia (IDEA Sliver Award) with optical transmission technology, and wireless Bluetooth headset Gemini. In September 2015, G-Wearables was the first firm in the world to launch backpack VR equipment, known as StepVR. The equipment comes with many functions, including full-body motion capturing, precise identification of hand gestures and mm-level spatial orientation. Users can freely move and interact in a virtual space, thereby engaging in a brand-new immersive VR experience.

At the 2015 Spring DEMO CHINA, G-Wearables won the DEMO GOD Award and was nominated for the Best Wearable Products Award in CES Asia, a world-class competition.