Zannan Scitech Co., Ltd

Established in 2009, Zannan Scitech Co., Ltd. specializes in R&D and industrialization of high-performance catalysts and macromolecule new materials. The Company owns several independent invention patents and world-leading technologies, and has successfully developed Zhan Catalyst series of products,

hydrogenated butyronitrile special rubber, polydicyclopentadiene, and other new high-performance material products. The Company has broken the technology monopoly of the United States in ruthenium catalyst and of Japan and Germany in hydrogenated butyronitrile rubber, filling blanks in many fields in China.

The Company has made stage achievements on the R&D of anti-Hepatitis C virus medication, with its own original new medicine, and is announcing a Sino-American clinical test.   
The Company’s founder, Dr. Zhan Zhengyun, possesses over 30 domestic and international invention patents, and once served as an associate research fellow in Nobel Prize winner Academician Sharpless’ Catalyst Laboratory. He was honored as “Thousand Talents Plan” Entrepreneurship Special Expert by the Organization Department of the CPC Central Committee and, in 2013, he received the “Top Ten Young and Middle-Aged Leading Entrepreneurs Taurus Awards” by Chinese Entrepreneur Association.