Business for good, co-create shared value to achieve a beautiful earth
Fang Fund & Oneness Capital
Founded in 2010, based on the family office, Fangsheng adopts the method of "master Fund + direct investment" to carry out diversified global asset allocation. It has invested in nearly 100 excellent enterprises and more than 20 domestic and US funds;
Adhere to "investing with the mentality of doing business", practice the concept of value investment, accompany entrepreneurs to grow, jointly promote social sustainable development and contribute to human well-being.
Founded in 2010
Invested 100 enterprises
Domestic & US Funds
The scale of the fund over 5 billion RMB
Capital Laboratory
FOF 4 domestic Funds
Focus on systematic investment in sustainable lifestyles and organic industries.
Actively participate in industrial ecological cooperation through the master fund.
Systematic change
Practice sustainable life through organic kitchen, tea healing, farming, health sports and public welfare activities to improve physical and mental health and happiness index.
Multi channel cooperation and co creation
Work with partners to create physical and mental health, sustainable lifestyle entities.
Investment community
Impact investment platform
Join forces with influential communities to establish a sustainable development ecosystem and impact investment partnership.